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Organic Gorp

What else is there to say. It’s healthy and organic!

Light my Fire Spork Review

If you’re looking to kit out lightly and cheaply, then you can’t go far wrong with a Light my Fire spork. It’s a spoon one end and a fork, with a cutting edge, on the other. Ideal for those meals when a spoon alone isn’t enough. Not only is it highly functional in exactly the …

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Easy Camp Pepper Mill Review

If you insist on taking those little sachets of salt and pepper from Little Chef along on your wild camp then you might want one of these Easy Camp Pepper Mills. Instead of insipid powdered pepper, you get flavoursome ground pepper that can add a bit of extra to any bland meal. It works as …

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5 things – Milky milky

How you take your milk  for your tea or coffee with you on a wild camp is always an issue, so here’s a few options.. Fresh milk. The best option, but only practical for an overnight camp and that’s pushing it in the heat of summer (did I really say heat of summer???) Powdered milk. …

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Coleman Solo Cook Kit Review

The Coleman Solo Cookset is a bargain. At half the price of a titanium kettle and with four pots you’ll have to expect some comprimised. Made of anodised aluminium, they’re reasonably light and obviously not titanium, so a comparison would be unfair. For your money you get a large pot that’s nearly a litre in …

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