These are the kind of kit that you don’t that you need them until you get them, and even then it might take a while to work out what you need them for. For 99p (at my local Gelert shop, much less than the apparent rrp of £6.50) it’s worth taking a punt on these until you do.

One problem I found was that they were far too big for what I wanted them for. It took me a year to work out that at that price and negligible weight (15g), I can cut them down to a more practical size! Pasta sauce is the current best use – meaning I can take just enough for an overnight camp, instead of the full tub. It’s also ideal for taking butter if you need it, ideal for baking biscuits in the backpacker oven. The only limit is your imagination and you can take anything that you could imagine squeezing out of a tube such as jam, honey or mayonnaise.

I’m still not convinced that the cap will put up with much abuse though, and I’ll insist on cling filming it just in case. If you want to live dangerously, then you’ll probably be fine with it, but since a platy burst amaretto over my sleeping bag on the first night of a six day trip, I’m understandably cautious! I’d also like a smaller version in order to take smaller amounts of food like mustard.

Manufacturer (RRP):Coghlans (£6.50)


What’s good – Fills a niche in order to carry gloopy substances on trips. Cheap if you don’t pay the RRP (availale online less than £2 but up to £5)

Not so good – You might not know what to put in them!Cap doesn’t inspire confidence! Could do with being available in smaller sizes.

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