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Superfoods 1 – The Jelly Baby!

By Dave Roberts   

on May 28, 2011    4/5 (1)

Superfoods 1 – The Jelly Baby!

Why Jelly Babies have come of age…

When I started walking the hills, i thought that one of pieces of gear as vital as a map or a waterproof was the slab of Kendal Mint Cack (sorry ,cake). Had i known that surely the best hill food for sugar was the humble Jelly Baby! Beloved of fell runners who carry a handful of these in their bum bags (fanny packs to the Americans), where one jelly baby contains a similar amount of energy as one gramme of plutonium. Of course, just as the plutonium, one must know how to extract this explosive energy to make the most of it. On a rather tiring trip in Scottish deep snow, i swear they kept me alive! Grab a half bagful in one go and all you’ll get is a horrible sugar rush, a brief spell of childish hyperactivity and then the inevitable cold turkey.

No. The trick is to eat a few at a time, especially when you’re coming up to an uphill section. Nutritionally they’re not really balanced, but they’re not meant to be. They’re a little nitrous oxide boost in confectionary form and the “Jelly Baby Diet” isn’t one to be recommended. Of course, the classic Jelly Baby is made by Bassetts; available in all sorts of pack sizes. From belly-busting 800g, down to tiny packs that are ideal for a short hill trip. The different colours have even got names, but that’s just silly if you ask me… For the budget conscious, Tesco, that all-encompassing Goliath Corp of the real world make a fine jelly baby for 43p a pack. Morrissons Jelly Babies aren’t quite as good, but still do the job. I’m still awaiting the chimeric union of the pro-plus and the Jelly Baby. That would be unstoppable.

Plus-points – tasty, irresistable, plenty of fuel for the muscles.

Downers – overdose of these and suffer the dreaded lethargy after the sugar rush.

You’ve got to share them with everyone else, so make sure you multiply the number of packs with the number of people in your party.

Don’t try and keep them all to yourself. Your companions WILL know… Jelly Babies 3 kilos bag

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