Best Mountain Walks in Snowdonia

Best Grade 1 Scrambles in Snowdonia

Scrambles in Snowdonia To celebrate the launch of the new Scrambles in Snowdonia by Steve Ashton, published by Cicerone, we’ve collated the best selection of Grade 1 scrambles in Snowdonia. We’ve steered clear of the trickier scrambles and kept to the easier grade 1 routes. Be warned that these are far from being ‘easy’ routes! […]

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OS Maps Review

I’ve been a keen user of digital maps ever since I bought the whole of Wales in 1:50k mapping from Tracklogs over ten years ago. That really got me hooked, but only to a certain degree as ‘proper’ 1:25k mapping was simply too expensive. I’m fully used to the way Tracklogs works, having tried out

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Book of The Bivvy Review

You may be tempted to bivvy out by virtue of the romance of sleeping out under the stars, or by a more clinical need to pare weight to the bare minimum. Whatever your inspiration, or if you’re just a little bit curious as to wether this is for you, then you’ll benefit from reading the Book of

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Moveable Feasts Review

If you’re fed up eating the same old dried meals while you’re camping,  Moveable Feasts by Amy-Jane Beer and Roy Halpin contains everything you’d ever want to know about camp cookery and then a fair bit more. Split into two unequal sections, the first section starts off with a ten chapter detailed reference section which contains anything and everything

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Backpacker’s Handbook

I’ve taken to buying old books on ebay, and I recently got one called Backpacker”s Handbook by Derrick Booth. Ok, the cover”s good for a laugh. It even has them posing in jeans on the front (which he does, to be fair, say is not recommended wear for the hills). Originally published in the early

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