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Best Walks from Llanberis

By Dave Roberts   

on February 1, 2018    5/5 (4)

Best Walks from Llanberis

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While the Snowdonia village of Llanberis may boast by far the easiest route up Snowdon, it also has its share of quiet, easy and more challenging walks if only you know where to look! Here’s a selection of walks that vary from lakeside walks, easy low level walks, waterfall walks, hill walks and walks through slate quarries and past the heritage Padarn Lake Railway.

Here are our suggestions for walks from Llanberis.

Easier, Low Level and Lakeside Walks from Llanberis

Ceunant Mawr Llanberis Waterfall Walk

The easiest walk we’ll suggest is a favourite among locals. It’s hidden just off the start of the Llanberis path and at barely 1km in length, can be completed after an ascent from Snowdon.

Walk to the Llanberis Waterfall

Padarn Country Park Walks

There are a number of waymarked walks from the Padarn Country Park which vary from the pleasant Woodland Walk to a shorter Nature Trail. This being slate country, there’s also the Vivian Trail to the Vivian quarry that includes a walk up to an excellent viewpoint high above the quarries and woodland. There’s also the National Slate Museum as well as the Llanberis Lake Railway that can also be visited after one of these short walks.

Snowdonia Walks from Llanberis

Llyn Padarn from Llanberis.

This is a straightforward walk around Llyn Padarn that has some stunning views and beautiful woodland to pass through.

Snowdonia Walks from Llanberis

Llyn Peris and Padarn From Llanberis

If one lake just isn’t enough then walk around both! This walk has woodlands, lakes, slate quarries and a disused railway among the different terrains it crosses. It also entails a stretch of (safe) road walking from Nant Peris to Llanberis, but we reccommend finishing off with a visit to the native Welsh castle of Castell Dolbadarn.

Snowdonia Walks from Llanberis

Slate Valleys Path – Dinorwig Trail

Unsurprisingly, another walk that involves quarries. The Dinorwig Trail sets off towards Dinorwig and Deiniolen, taking in varying scenery on the way. It finally takes you around Llyn Peris and back to the start.

Snowdonia Walks from Llanberis

Harder Mountain Walks from Llanberis

Moel Eilio Walk from Llanberis

This is an easy, grassy ridge walk that shouldn’t take much more than half a day to complete. There are no difficulties, but the path can be faint on the ridge and difficult to follow in mist.

Elidir Fawr and Garn from Llanberis

This takes the most direct and relentless route up Elidir Fawr, straight up through the quarries. It’s a straightforward track all the way up to around 650m before going off path directly up to Elidir Fach’s summit. The route thankfully relents after that point!

Snowdonia Walks from Llanberis

The Llanberis Path Up Snowdon

The Llanberis Path may have lots of facilities, including a railway and a cafe half way up, but it’s certainly the least interesting path up Snowdon. It’s the most popular, but there’s no accounting for taste. Having ascended this route only when I had to, it has however proven to be a convenient descent. Much in the way that a motorway has little charm or soul, but takes you from a-b much faster than the more pleasant B-road it parallels. I wish I could say that I’d taken the option of descending the Llechog ridge at every opportunity, but I can’t.

Snowdonia Walks from Llanberis

If you’re uncertain of undertaking a Walk up Snowdon, then the Llanberis path provides the easiest option of them all. It’s longer, but is only steep at two sections – the first tarmac section and half way at Allt Moses.  If you’re more confident mountain walker, then you should skip this route and try another of the many routes up Snowdon – please.

Snowdon and Glyderau Horseshoe

This challenge walk ascends Snowdon via the Llanberis path, though can be taken to the extreme and ascend Moel Eilio first, before descending to Pen y Pass and then ascending Glyder Fawr. The route finishes off by bagging Y Garn and Elidir Fawr, both mountains requiring a couple of 100m reascent just when you could do without it. it’s 900m or so straight down to Llanberis to end the day.

Moel Eilio and Snowdon via Ranger

This is probably the longest route you can take up Snowdon without getting contrived. It’s a challenging walk that starts off over the Moel Eilio ridge before tackling the Snowdon Ranger Path. Ideally finished off by descending the South Ridge or Y Lliwedd for a really satisfying day’s walking.

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