What are the WASHIS?

The highest mountains in Wales. Well, Scotland has it’s Munros (among others) and the Lakes have their Wainwrights. Wales doesn’t have a list of summits in it’s own right. While there are hills known as Nuttalls, they are not specific to Wales and include an ever increasing list of summits with 30 metres drop all around, making for a long list. It is also rather patronising for the Welsh and English hills to be included with that of a neighbouring country. Some lists also stick to the old imperial figure of 2000 feet making a mountain, or 610 metres, which really is rather clumsy in metric.

Washis are all the hills in Wales that are over 600m and have at least 50 metres drop all around.

Some notable tops have not made it into the main list, including some of the traditional ‘3000 Footers’. There are some other summits missing from the list. Y Garn on the Nantlle ridge for one, an excellent viewpoint or Bera Mawr, an excellent little scramble to the summit tor. Fan Y Big in the Beacons fails to make it too. Just because they’re not on the list, doesn’t mean they’re not worth visiting. Ok, some of these lesser tops are no more than bumps on a ridge, but that’s one drawback of any list. It’s exclusive by nature.

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I’d pondered producing a list based on my opinion, but that’s just open to arguments. The Munros are based on very little criteria and that has meant debate on what hills are included and which are not. Instead, there is an extra list at the end of the booklet that includes a couple of “Wishy-WASHIes”, or summits that don’t quite qualify as separate tops but are close. There is no criteria here, and space is left to add your favourites to it!

The list can be used to tick off the summits in each area, or as a whole, it’s up to you. The height, location and name of each summit is given, and you can include the date ascended on the right (or just tick it!). Reascent and other info has been omitted to keep this list simple for now.

It is also quite important that any hill list is easily obtainable. Many listings of the Welsh (and usually English) summits, with the notable exception of the Nuttall’s books, are out of print. This list is free to download, and produces a tidy little booklet if you print it back to back. You may print off and distribute as many as you want, which might be useful if you run a club or similar.

Oh, and as maps are now metric, all my information is also in metric. I make no apologies for this, just point out that 1m = 3.281 ft (approximately)

We will be adding a full interactive summit list which users can tick off as they go along.

Full List of the WASHIS

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