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Walk up Cadair Berwyn via Mynydd Tarw Ridge

By Rik Henderson   

on February 19, 2019    5/5 (1)

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Walk up Cadair Berwyn via Mynydd Tarw Ridge

Further Details

Route Summary:

A circuit of the Berwyn Hills from the east, bagging no less than 10 summits!

This walk includes the 2 Washis of Cadair Berwyn, Foel Wen

This walk includes the 4 Hewitts of Cadair Berwyn, Moel Sych, Foel Wen, Mynydd Tarw

This walk includes the 10 Nuttalls of Cadair Berwyn, Moel Sych, Foel Wen, Mynydd Tarw, Cadair Berwyn North Top, Tomle, Moel yr Ewig, Foel Wen South Top, Godor, Godor North Top

Route Start Location: Layby SJ 118 306

14.85 km 679 m 4-6 hours

Calculate the time using Naismith’s Rule and factor in your own pace.

Activivity Type: Hard Walk

Summits and Places on this Route


There are a number of pubs nearby, with Llanarmon DC boasting two – The Hand and the West Arms. Both pubs also do food. Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant to the south boasts a number of pubs; The Hand, Wynnstay Arms and the Plough Country Inn, cafes and a shop.


The descent down from the ridge is exceptionally steep and there has been some erosion because of this, extra care needs to be taken here.  This route starts in and around farm building and land, always be aware of farm vehicles and other such hazards. The Berwyn Hills are notoriously boggy and there is some erosion because of this, take your time in crossing these obstacles.

NOTE – there is a section on climbing Godor that isn’t on a right of way or access land. This approach has been mentioned in other sources (Trail Magazine) but this doesn’t mean that there’s a right of way. Just be warned! 

Remember that we cannot outline every single hazard on a walk – it’s up to you to be safe and competent. Read up on Mountain Safety , Navigation and what equipment you’ll need.

Parking :

Very limited parking at start

Public Transport:

There are only a handful of buses to Llanarmon DC, the no 64, which is the nearest village.

Traveline for UK Public Transport

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Weather Forecast:

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Walk up Cadair Berwyn via Mynydd Tarw Ridge Ordnance Survey Map and GPX File Download

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Walk up Cadair Berwyn via Mynydd Tarw Ridge

The Berwyn Hills are an impressive mountain range and moorland area situated in the North East of Wales, roughly bounded by Llangollen in the northeast, Corwen in the northwest, Bala in the southwest, and Oswestry in the southeast. This is a quiet area due to its proximity with the popular Snowdonia National Park, paths are less trodden and access can sometimes be an issue due to farming territory. If the Berwyn Hills are a quiet escape then this particular route is the chance to take on an impressive mountain range without potentially coming into contact with another soul, apart from livestock and farmers… This route takes in rolling hills covered in heather, high ridge lines, impressive vistas, a nature reserve and much much more. Parking is sparse in these parts so our starting point is probably your only option for starting on Mynydd Tarw Ridge (Max 3 spaces here). There is more parking at Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall, a more popular and accessible starting point for taking on the Berwyn Hills.

1. Start the walk at SJ 119 306, this is a small layby next to the bridge that crosses a stream, this will be after the bridge on your right-hand side if you have travelled north from the B4396.

2. From here follow the road away from the bridge, until you come to the a turning on your right hand side where there is a phone box and a “No Parking” sign, take this turn and continue up through the buildings on each side, after a short distance you will come to another farm with buildings on each side, continue through and don’t mind the dogs! This is a public footpath. After another 200m and on your left-hand side you will see a set of two gates, yours is the one on the right.

3. From here you will want to head towards the top right-hand side of the field where you will come to another gate, pass through this and head right keeping to the tree line on your right until you come to the next gate. Here you can either keep heading in the same direction, keeping the fence and deforested area (shown as a block of forest on your OS Map) on your right hand side and up to Mynydd Tarw, or, you can bear left and follow the foot path that winds round and up to the high ridge (missing out Mynydd Tawr).

4. After either option, you will now head left towards Foel Wen, keeping the fence on your right-hand side. You will come to a fence line in the dip just before the final push onto Foel Wen, you will need to cross this. From this top you then continue along to Tomle, shortly before this top you hit a zig zag in the fence line, a short left then right-hand turn before coming to a very unassuming top and sporadic pile of stones. From here you realise a stunning vista of Cadair Bronwen on your right, and Cadair Berwyn on the left.

5. Continue up gaining height towards the high ridge, there are a few boggy crossings that you will have to negotiate, still keeping the fence line to your right. You will come to a gate in the fence line, go through this and continue up with the fence line now to your left. Cadair Bronwen is now directly on your right and you can see the high ridge line across to Cadair Berwyn on your left, you will eventually come to a fence junction on your left.

6. At the fence junction you will need to cross left over it and onto the ridge towards Cadair Berwyn, you will see a path that hugs the ridge keeping the fence line to your right. Follow this track until you get to the trig point at 827m high, a short distance and in the same direction is a cairn/shelter sitting at 830m, this is Cadair Berwyn and a great place to stop for lunch.

7. Once refuelled and the obligatory selfie has been taken, continue in the same direction and along the ridge passing by a rocky out crop to your left until you come to a fence junction, follow the fence line to the left taking a steep line down and keeping the fence line to your right, take extra care here! You will see Llyn Lluncaws o your right and looking back you will see Moel Sych towering above it.

8. Follow this line down and you will come to a fence junction, cross this and continue on so that the fence line is now on your left. Continuing on you will come to a right-hand bend in the fence line, take this round until you come to another fence junction to your left. This will need to be crossed taking the left-hand fence line down towards Godor.

9. With the fence line now to your right, follow this along for roughly 700m, negotiating several very boggy areas until you reach another fence junction. Cross over this continuing in the same direction and keeping the fence line to your right. Follow the lightly trodden path onto Godor.

10. On descending Godor and keeping the fence line still to your right you will eventually come to another fence junction, keeping your direction cross this so that the fence line is now to your left. Here you will have good views towards the start of your walk, the two farms and your parking location (on a clear day). Carry on negotiating several fence junctions and gates, keeping the fence line to your left. You will eventually come to more established footpath, take this left and through a gate.

11. Follow this track with the fence line to your right, eventually coming to some open fields, ignoring the track immediately on your right, head towards the style ahead of you, head over this and towards the trees. You will need to bare right finding another style behind the clump of trees and in front of a pair of residential houses. Head over this into a small field and continue right before coming to yet another style, this will take you into a field with several options, you can either head up towards the red phone box, or take the farm track right that comes out much closer to where you are parked.

Based out of Shrewsbury Shropshire, I spend most of my free time across the border into Wales, primarily in Snowdonia. A keen walker and explorer who has completed the Top 100 mountains in Wales and Shropshire's 50 hills. Taking on such challenges enables me to travel to remote, quiet areas and away from the crowds, those are my favourite mountain days. I very much look forward to contributing to the forum that is Mud & Routes, with route guides and gear reviews. Instagram: @rikthehiker Twitter: @RikTheHiker
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  1. Edwin Kenworthy

    Walk up Cadair Berwyn via Mynydd Tarw Ridge
    This is by far the best walk in the Berwyns. I have done it in both directions in winter and summer.

    1. Cracking walk isn’t Edwin, and a brilliant and unappreciated area I think, looking forward to be able to get back to these lovely mountains!

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