Hydroflask 32oz Widemouth Review

Dave Roberts, finally, brings us his review of the Widemouth 32oz and Standard 24oz Hydroflask that keep your drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 6. Nobody can accuse us at Mud and Routes of doing quick reviews. Whether that’s because we like to review things in detail, or are terminal procrastinators; we’ll let …

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Hydro Flask First Impressions

Dave Roberts gives his first impressions of the Hydro Flask insulated water bottle that claims to keep your drink cold for 24 hours or hot for 6. When this popped through the door, I expected a standard water bottle, albeit a good looking one. I didn’t realise that it’s actually quite a novel water bottle. …

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The Spice Tailor Curry Kits

Dehydrated camping meals might be fine in their place, they’ll never be as good a properly cooked meal. This is normally easier said than done out on the mountain, and so we usually sacrifice this for convenience. We were understandably excited when we found one of these curry kits by the Spice Tailor in our …

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Nido Dehydrated Milk Review

Only a true wild camper gets excited over finding a new dehydrated product whilst shopping in Tesco. We’ve tried dehydrated skimmed milk in the past (Tesco, Marvel) and we’ve not been that impressed. They can be used to mix into other products such as puddings, but proved a bit vile in coffee. So while we …

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Super Hill Foods – Peperami

The advertising blurb says that the Peperami is a bit of an animal. Question is, what bits exactly? Well according to the label it’s 100% pork salami with 13.8g of pork to make each 10g of sausage. That packs in somewhere between 44 and 49% fat, or 11g for a typical 25g stick and a …

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Robinsons Squash’d Review

Water can get a bit boring on long trips, and while hydration tablets are useful for adding flavour to water on a long trip, they’re both expensive and the flavour isn’t as great as it could be. So when we saw Squash’d from Robinsons, we had to give them a go. Squash’d is a small container containing concentrated …

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MRE 24 Hour Ration Pack Review

On a recent wild camp, we decided to see if these 24 hour ration packs are any good or are you better off avoiding them altogether. We went for this one by Evaq8 that cost around £16 with postage. What’s in it? The ration pack arrived in a tidy brown box and contained a generous selection …

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Astronaut Ice Cream Review

This is as gimmicky a product as you can get we reckon, but good for a laugh on a wild camp at least so we took the punt and gave it a taste test on last weekend’s wild camp. Astronaut Ice cream is apparently real freeze dried ice cream that you simply eat as is …

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Seven Oceans Survival Rations

At first glance, lifeboat rations seem like a rather odd thing to review on Mud and Routes. Following our recent benightment jaunt, where we had to try out some survival rations on the hill, we wanted to find what was possibly the least appealing option out there. We couldn’t find any turblokken, and these were …

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Trek Protein Bars Review

Stars:5/10 Looking for the healthy alternative to a chocoalte bar or crisp packer as a snack Tryf’s Blog taste tests the Trek Protein Bar

Tesco Free From Instant Porridge

Having recently discovered that I’ve a gluten intolerance, it seemed that most of my chosen breakfasts were unsuitable. This instant porridge from Tesco is both gluten and dairy free and packing a 180 calories per pot, would be ideal. It’s also in a cardboard pot, which can be recycled as clearly anyone who has a …

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Aero Chocolate Dessert

Instant custard makes an interesting if rather bland pudding, so finding these for 19p at my local not-so-supermarket was a bargain I couldn’t refuse. Available in mint and chocolate flavours, they pack 150 calories for 25g in pack weight. I decided to initially test these out in the warmth of the Mud and Routes kitchen …

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Rocketfuel Selfheating Hot Chocolate

This is a self heating cup of hot chocolate from Rocketfuel, that includes Guarana, which according to my friend is also contained in the popular chocolate bar Boost. Which does make sense as the can does state Guarana should give you a supercharge energy boost. Read on –