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Super Hill Foods – Peperami

By Dave Roberts   

on December 1, 2014    No ratings yet.

Super Hill Foods – Peperami

The advertising blurb says that the Peperami is a bit of an animal. Question is, what bits exactly? Well according to the label it’s 100% pork salami with 13.8g of pork to make each 10g of sausage. That packs in somewhere between 44 and 49% fat, or 11g for a typical 25g stick and a generous 1g of salt! Maybe not exactly healthy day to day nutrition, but you may need that salt if you’re working hard. However, dubious it may be as part of your sports nutrition, you can’t deny it packs a decent weight to calorie ratio with each stick packing a respectable 126 calories apiece.  Not bad considering how it arrived in the UK by mistake in 1982, and was meant to be a container of pate, probably destined for some Yuppie’s Vol au Vents.


However, on multiple day trips, as well as shorter ones, this has provided some ample extra flavour to bulk out blander foods and is often the nearest to real food you can get four days into a trip as it doesn’t require refrigeration and is virtually indestructible in your pack.. It’s also quite tasty mixed with Smash on a wild camp, which is one epicurean delight we’re yet to sample.Some might say that Jerky is better for you, especially if you want to work those jaw muscles and resemble Ron Perlman.


The Peperami is available in the common or garden – Original, or the more generously endowed Wideboy. If you want it spicy, then there’s a red Hot Peperami which is rather on the mild side, and an extra hot black Firestick. The Firestick may be a bit spicy for some, but if you can cope with a curry warmer than a Tikka Masala, then this is just nice and hot, though a bit hotter than I expected!

pepperamis_002This may not be the healthiest snack out there – but a combination of indestructible and tasty sausage with a high-calorie content means it’s well suited for the mountains. Of course, you’d need to balance it out with some healthier offerings – so we’ll be suggesting more hill food options in the coming weeks (including some – fruit – gasp!)

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Dave Roberts

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