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Primus Vacuum Bottle (1 ltr) No ratings yet.

Tryf’s Blog reviews the Primus Vacuum Bottle, a hard wearing, durable flask for a hot cuppa on those winter walks. Check out the full blown review here http://twcymru.mudandroutes.com/2013/04/13/optimus-primus/ Please rate this Rating

Rocketfuel Selfheating Hot Chocolate No ratings yet.

This is a self heating cup of hot chocolate from Rocketfuel, that includes Guarana, which according to my friend is also contained in the popular chocolate bar Boost. Which does make sense as the can does state Guarana should give you a supercharge energy boost. Read on – http://twcymru.mudandroutes.com/2012/12/27/to-infinity-and-beyond/ Please rate this Rating