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Hydroflask 32oz Widemouth Review

Dave Roberts, finally, brings us his review of the Widemouth 32oz and Standard 24oz Hydroflask that keep your drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 6. Nobody can accuse us at Mud and Routes of doing quick reviews. Whether that’s because we like to review things in detail, or are terminal procrastinators; we’ll let […]

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The Original Caplight Review

Dave Roberts reviews the Caplight out on the hill. The Caplight is a baseball cap with three ultra-bright built in led lights . The cap itself is quality, with reasonably bright lights that can be switched between off, low and high brightness. While the Caplight is not going to be used as your main lighting

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Hydro Flask First Impressions

Dave Roberts gives his first impressions of the Hydro Flask insulated water bottle that claims to keep your drink cold for 24 hours or hot for 6. When this popped through the door, I expected a standard water bottle, albeit a good looking one. I didn’t realise that it’s actually quite a novel water bottle.

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Terra Nova Unipod Review

Terra Nova are better known for their tents, but also have a good line in walking poles. A new addition to this range is the Terra Nova Unipod, a walking pole that doubles as a monopod. As a walking pole, the Unipod is sturdy and well made, weighing in at a reasonable 310g. That’s significantly

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TrailPix Tripod Review

Some of you might remember our article on the Joby Gorilla Pod and how impressed we were with a tripod option without the hassle of heavy weight in the pack. Well we think we’ve found an equally ingenious option! The Trail Pix is the brainchild of Andy Stough a professional engineer from Cary, NC, USA

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True Utility KeyTool Review

Before going lightweight on my camping trips, a penknife with the usual tools and attachments would be regarded as essential kit despite weighing a hefty 200g or more. These days, I’ve barely got more than a titanium spork to fight off those Welsh mountain bears. However there’s always a time when you find yourself needing

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Muc Off Dry Shower Review

If you’ve read our article here –Keeping Clean Without a Shower – then here’s a review of the Muc Off Dry Shower. Muc Off may well be known to you those of you who get your bikes muddy on trails as one of the best bike cleaning kit around. Now, they’ve also got something that’ll

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Rocketfuel Selfheating Hot Chocolate

This is a self heating cup of hot chocolate from Rocketfuel, that includes Guarana, which according to my friend is also contained in the popular chocolate bar Boost. Which does make sense as the can does state Guarana should give you a supercharge energy boost. Read on – http://twcymru.mudandroutes.com/2012/12/27/to-infinity-and-beyond/

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Smart Budget LED Red Light

It’s that time of year again, when you need to be a little more visible during those twilight runs and cycles. The Smart Red LED light is a multipurpose clip on light that you can use both running and cycling. I find that clipping a rear light onto my bike can be difficult owing to

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Nevica Glacier Goggles

I’ve struggled in the past with a cheap and nasty pair of goggles that had to be padded around the nose as they made it bleed and were just foul all around. They were only half effective, and even then only if you didn’t breathe. Following on from the last two decent winters we’ve had,

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Garant Collapsable Shovel

While we had a bit of a winter this week up in Snowdonia, it’s likely to be mostly gone after this weekend. It did however give us a chance to test out one of the bargains of the year so far, a collapsable snow shovel from B&Q for just a shade over ten quid. The

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Nikwax Down Proof

While the Down Wash is essential, you’ve got to think whether buying the Nikwax Down Proof as well is worth it. We’ve had it drummed into us that we should keep down dry and that you shouldn’t put it in a situation where you’ll need such an indulgence. So do you really need to waterproof

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Nixwax Down Wash

If you own one item that you’ll put off washing, in all likelihood it’s some sort of down item. Sleepingbags and down jackets are notoriously difficult to clean and as a result often put off. Down Wash by Nikwax doesn’t really make it any easier, but it does have some reassuring instructions on the side

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Grivel Steel Blade Shovel Review

We love anything that’s multi-purpose, or uses another item to provide part of its functionality. The Grivel Snow Shovel does just that. It’s just a plastic ‘bucket’ part of the shovel, lacking a handle. Instead, you can use a Grivel Munro ice axe or similar in order to create a handle. You’re unlikely to need one

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