If you own one item that you’ll put off washing, in all likelihood it’s some sort of down item. Sleepingbags and down jackets are notoriously difficult to clean and as a result often put off.

Down Wash by Nikwax doesn’t really make it any easier, but it does have some reassuring instructions on the side that provide a bit of comfort.


Whether it’s any different to your usual Tech Wash, I can’t tell, but it definitely gets the muck out of your sleeping bag. You should get two bags washed with a 300ml bottle, and probably get away with squeezing a lightweight down jacket in there as well.

Bag washed, you still need to worry about drying it, but that’s another story..

See our How To Wash Down article to see how you can get your bags clean.

Overall, you’re talking about £2.50 to clean a sleeping bag, cheaper than a pint of ale. Considering the initial cost of a down sleeping bag, and that this is the same price as Tech Wash, I don’t mind buying a different product in order to wash my down. Considering how specialised this is, and that it’s something you’ll do every few years, it’s probably best to get the proper stuff rather than risk it.

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