Kit care

The Best Repair Patches and Tapes

We’ve all been there. You’ve got a waterproof bag or jacket that’s come off the worse for an encounter with some barbed wire, or you’ve skewered your overtrousers with a crampon spike. Needle and thread are hardly paractical in this instance, so what patches really work? We may be dedicated here at Mud and Routes, …

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Nixwax Down Wash

If you own one item that you’ll put off washing, in all likelihood it’s some sort of down item. Sleepingbags and down jackets are notoriously difficult to clean and as a result often put off. Down Wash by Nikwax doesn’t really make it any easier, but it does have some reassuring instructions on the side …

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Shoe Goo Review

We’ve all had that moment when we realise that our favourite shoes or boots are starting to fall apart, consider that a few quid spend in the cobbler’s now would be well worth spending and then proceed to run said footwear to the ground? Worse still we’ve tried various concoctions of so called super-glue only …

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