Wild Camping Articles and Tutorials

wild camping skills and tips

Wild Camping is our ultimate goal in the outdoors. It means not going home, staying out on the hill all night and seeing the sunrise in the morning. In this section you’ll find out all about wild camping, what it is, the legality of wild camping, where to wild camp as well as a comprehensive how to for beginners and advanced alike.

We cover the basics on how to choose a tent for wild camping, choosing a sleeping bag for wild camping and all about cooking and stoves for wild camping. We’re in the process of wrapping these articles into an easier format, but it’s all there!

Of course, you need to know where to wild camp, so our wild camping map sorts that out as well as our Snowdonia wild camping trip reports. You can even submit your own wild camping location, so we’ll build up a comprehensive database of decent spots.

We do mean wild wild camping – not camping in lay-bys and similar with a camper van.  It’s confusing that the same term is used for two totally different activities, but we’re all about getting as far away from tarmac and roads as we possibly can!

Weekend Wild Camping in Snowdonia

Finding a wild camping route in Snowdonia is like shooting fish in a barrel. With areas such as the Moelwynion and Rhinogydd, there’s more than enough locations for wild camping in Snowdonia to last a lifetime. While plentiful, they’re also diverse; from summit camps to lower level lakeside wild camping. On fine evenings, we’d always

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Real Coffee Makers for Camping

When you’re camping, wild or in a campsite; you can’t beat real coffee in the morning. Nothing surprises wild camping companions than the smell of a real cup of coffee wafting from your tent. You can choose to share, but it depends how generous they were with the single malt last night. Lets get this

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Choosing a Wild Camping Lantern

When you’re wild camping, the obvious option for lighting is the usual head torch. But we find that head torches are just too bright for providing a bit of illumination in a tent. That’s where a camping lantern comes useful, and here’s our quick low down on the best choice of camping lantern for you.

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All The Wild Camping Options

For those of you who want to spend the night under the stars, there’s more than just the simple wild camping option. Here’s how to make your overnight trip one to remember. Bivvy it. As light as you can get overnight. Basically a sleeping bag and a waterproof cover. Bivvy tents provide a bit more

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