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How To Persuade Your Day Walking Buddies to Wild Camp

By Dave Roberts   

on July 29, 2015    5/5 (1)

How To Persuade Your Day Walking Buddies to Wild Camp

If you’re a hardened wild camper, you already know the joy of staying out on the hill overnight. You’ve also got one or more of those strange people in your walking circle who just don’t understand why you do it. For those people, here’s the reasons why. Share it and retweet it with them until they see sense.

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1 – Wild Camping is practically the closest you’ll get to a night out these days. Enjoying some alcohol, responsibly of course, in such chilled out surroundings as opposed to a noisy city centre bar has to have it’s merits, non?


Or you can go for a slightly classier single malt, also lighter to carry!


2 – You’ve walked a fair distance, carrying some weight (on your back and around your waist) so you can surely eat whatever you bloody well like and still retain your hard earned Hitchcockian physique in the morning. That’s when you have breakfast. PROPER, wild camping breakfasts…


3 – The view is unbeatable. Not one hotel can compete with the view, especially one like this one. How else can you wake up in the shadow of your nation’s most iconic mountain?

bochlwyd_wildcamp (2 of 2)

Of course, the view isn’t always pleasant!

bochlwyd_wildcamp (1 of 2)

4 – Movie night! Yep, with the right group of wild camping buddies, you can even enjoy a movie or two. Popcorn optional.


5 – Sunsets are magical. Even more so from a tent. They also make some pretty cool silhouette shots!

mach_to_Bermo (37 of 47)

6 – Coffee always tastes better on the mountain. While roasting your own coffee is the ultimate outdoor hipster experience, grinding it comes a close second and is slightly less pretentious.

coffee roasting

7 – The stars are even better at night (!).

idwal milky way-0134

Now get the word out to all the unbelievers, there’s a free magical wild camping experience of your own making for every convert!

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