You could easily carry a small bag of store bought popcorn onto a wild camp, but making your own popcorn is too easy to miss out on and simply a load more fun! The result will only be as good as your preparation, so give it a go at home first in order to perfect your method and impress your camping buddies.


You will need:

  • One Pan – the heavier the better, which is not practical on a wild camp.
  • Popping corn – we used a microwaveable popcorn bag and emptied the contents into the pan
  • A lid, we used our cooking pot.

1a Warm some oil in the pan – adding a couple of kernels into the oil so you know when it’s hot enough. As we had cannibalised a packet of Microwave Popcorn this wasn’t possible


1b Place your popping corn into the pan, ensuring that they’re all in contact with the pan base.


2 Cover and wait for the popping! We swilled the pan around to stop them burning.


3 You’ll only be able to pop for say thirty seconds or so, or you’ll start to burn the popcorn! So you may just have to accept that you haven’t popped them all!


4 Enjoy!


We’d recommend giving this some practice at home at first, as it’s rather tricky to do in a small pan! The popcorn didn’t pop as large as we’d like, but it was still a lot of fun, especially if you’re taking kids camping!

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