We won’t lie to you, we love our coffee at Mud and Routes. Part of this challenge is to prepare the best possible coffee while camping, which always has to be real coffee. Instant coffee in those little sachets just don’t cut it any more!

So we’ve already passed the stage of trying camping espresso makers, French presses and the current favourite of the Aerobie Aeropress; and we want more. So grinding our own coffee on the mountain seems a logical next step (even roasting our own coffee in the process!)

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The problem was finding a suitable grinding mill as they tend to be heavy as well as being made of glass. So we were glad when we found the Hario Slim Mini Coffee Grinder with a plastic base, we were sold.

Why would you want to grind coffee on a wild camp? The coffee’s fresher for one thing, and beans are just more convenient to carry along in a pack in the case of a spillage. But really? Because we can!

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The grinder comes in three parts; the mill, the handle and the jar which makes it easy to pack, as well as being compact. You can even pack your beans in the mill, as the lid is held on pretty tight. You’ll initially need to adjust the grind size, which is a bit of trial and error! We found that fully tightening it and then loosening about 4 turns was OK for espresso and twice that for a French press, but you will need to experiment a bit to see what works for you.

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It may take a minute or two to fill the jar with lovely ground coffee, and the smell is just wonderful. More so when you’re camping, where those little things just make the trip more memorable.

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It feels sturdy, and we’ve been using it around the house on a day to day basis for around six months and it’s still going strong. If you really need your caffeine fix while camping, then this has to be the best (and only?) option we’re aware of of a camping coffee mill and is highly recommended. If you just don’t get it, then stick to Nescafe.

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