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Having recently reviewed and raved about the new Montane backpacks, we tried out the baby of the family; the Batpack 6 waist pack.

The Batpack is well built and constructed from tough Raptor fabric. You wouldn’t need to worry about this getting some knocks and bumps along the way. There’s a useful   secure pocket for keys (including a hook) but I like a side pocket for keeping snacks and the like which the Batpack lacks.

Batpack 6 – tough as rocks.

I can fit a warm jacket and most of the kit I need for a quick walk into this, ideal for quick hill walks. It’s even better for longer trail runs where you need a few extra layers during the run, or as I do to put on at the end of the run while I wait for pickup. There’s plenty of room for carrying water as well, with pockets for two water bottles. More on them later.

Considering the toughness of the Batpack 6, we weren’t surprised that it weighs in at a hefty 360g. Not that heavy in the big scheme of things, but certainly heavier than some adventure racing packs.

The only real issue we had was with the free water bottles. You should replace these as soon as you can with some decent mixer bottles as they can be difficult to close properly and leak. You’d be better off with a couple of Evian or Volvic bottles as they come from the shop than the pair you get However, they’re free, very light and are OK until you get some better ones. I would have preferred to have received one good bottle that would last, than two that can be treated as disposable.

With that mini rant out of the way, the Batpack handles well on a fell run even when fully loaded. I find that all waistpacks tend to move more than you’d like, but once you get running you’re more concerned about keeping your footing than anything else.

Summary. A perfectly competent waist pack from Montane that counts among one of the sturdiest we’ve yet seen. If you expect your waistpack to get a bashing, then it’s definitely one to consider.

Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts founded Walk Eryri in 2004, with the aim of providing routes that are off the beaten track. Walk Eryri is now part of Mud and Routes which continues to provide more off beat routes and walks in Snowdonia and beyond. Dave has been exploring the hills of Eryri for over thirty years, and is a qualified Mountain Leader.
Dave also established Walk up Snowdon, Walk up Scafell Pike and Walk up Ben Nevis just to mention a few.

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4 thoughts on “Montane Batpack 6 Waistpack Review”

  1. I’ve always worn these sort of things around the back, but you can always use them with a backpack and pull them around the front to get at things a lot easier. Probably what you’re comfortable with.

    In fact, I tend to move it to the front in order to get to the contents, before putting it back to the rear for running.

  2. Do you think a skinny person like myself could carry two bike water bottles in this pack and not hit them with my arms, if I have an aggressive arms swing while running (or nordic skiing)?

    1. If it helps – my daughter (11) wore this – bottle sort of wraps around and might well end up on the side as you say, and get in the way?
      All I can suggest is to find a stockist and try it on?

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