Montane Allez Micro Hoodie Review

Montane are well known as manufacturers of some of the best lightweight high activity  kit available, being among the first choice for anyone from mountain marathoners to the ‘gram weenie’ backpackers. While their wind-proofs are an essential bit of our ultralight backpacking kit, as well as trail running, the Montane Allez Micro Hoodie was eagerly anticipated.

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Gore X-Run Ultra Shorts Review

If you’re running any sort of long distance, the last thing you need is for your kit to get in the way or cause discomfort. These 2-in-1 X-Run Ultra shorts from Gore are designed for ultra-running, so they should be ideally suited to the shorter runs of around 25km I was planning on over the summer. These Gore

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Karrmior Trail Run trainers

There are loads of budget trail running shoes out there, with all the heavyweights running brands, as well as the usual outdoor brands producing their own versions it’s difficult to find ones that stand out from the competition. So how do these by Karrimor stack up? The Trail Runs feel durable enough, with enough cushioning

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High5 EnergySource Drink Review

Sometimes, when we’re on a hard trip we might just need a bit more calories during the day. That’s the idea behind the High5 EnergySource Drinks. It’s available in Citrus, Orange, Summer Fruits and Tropical Samba as either 12x 50g sachets or a serious 2.2 KG bottle. While this 47g sachet provides an impressive 180cals

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More Mile London Running Socks

Socks are, as I always say when reviewing socks, something that I begrudge paying for. I might be happy enough shelling out hundreds of quid for the latest tech, but I’ll baulk at shelling out more than a few quid for socks. With my previous Karrimor socks were both wearing thin and disappearing, with only

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