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Walking in the Berwyn Hills

By Dave Roberts   

on May 18, 2020    No ratings yet.

Walking in the Berwyn Hills

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About Walking in the Berwyn Hills

The Berwyn lie unloved and forgotten between the National Park and the Clwydian Hills AONB. They’re the highest ground in Wales that’s not protected by either National Park or AONB status. There are currently plans afoot in order to incorporate it into the Clwydian AONB, though there’s a strong movement against this amongst landowners in the area that smacks of similarities to the outright rejection of the Cambrian Mountains National Park in the early seventies.

Whilst they’re less known than the hills in the park, they still provide good walking. With long ridges in all directions, you can easily plan long days in the hills that can often be difficult to arrange in the park outside the Carneddau without either linking two ranges together or going low-land.

Despite the 830m highest point, they’re never mountainous with their most spectacular aspect being the easterly slopes above Llyn Lluncaws.

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