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National Trails and Long Distance Footpaths

By Dave Roberts   

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National Trails and Long Distance Footpaths

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About National Trails and Long Distance Footpaths

Welcome to the Mud and Routes National Trails and Long Distance Footpaths page. If regular walks are just not challenging enough for you, or you’ve got some time to plan and enjoy a multi-day walk then we’ve a great selection for you to explore.

The National Trails

The National Trails are long distance walking routes, with some accessible for cyclists and horse riders. All 15 trails can be found in England and Wales, cover a total 4,000 km or so and each are looked after by individual Trail Partnerships.

These National trails have varying distances and stunning landscapes on offer, some of the well-known stars include The Offa’s Dyke Path, Pembrokeshire Coast Path and The Cleveland Way.

Great Trails

Scotland’s equivalent to England and Wales’s National Trails are The Great Trails. All the 29 trails cover a total of 3,000 km which are managed and clearly waymarked. There’s even one trail for paddlers or kayakers, the Great Glen Canoe Trail!

Offering the chance to walk through some of Scotland’s most stunning landscapes, heritage and nature these Great Trails include very popular names such as Great Glen Way, Southern Upland Way and of course The West Highland Way.

Long Distance Footpaths

What constitutes a Long Distance Footpath is up for debate, whereas the “officially” recognised trails of both The National Trails and the Great Trails are tidily grouped, we have an embarrassment of riches where the long distance walkers are in question. So in this section we’ll be including the other great Long Distance Footpaths in Britain.

Can’t find your fave Long Distance Footpath in the Mud and Routes collection, give us a shout via our Contact Us and tell us why we should include it.

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