1000 mile walk sock Review

1000 Mile Walk Socks Review

Rik Henderson brings us his review of the 1000 Mile Walk Socks, single layer socks from the seasoned sock producers I remember working at a store in Shrewsbury called Soldier of Fortune as part of my school’s work experience at the age of 15. SoF was predominantly a military surplus store which happened to have […]

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Nathan Lock Laces Review

I’m always finding that the laces on my Merrel Sonic Gloves don’t stay tied, especially in the wet, and was getting rather fed up of having to stop and get them sorted two or three times on a run. It’s not that I can’t tie my laces properly either! It never happens on hill walks

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Karrmior Trail Run trainers

There are loads of budget trail running shoes out there, with all the heavyweights running brands, as well as the usual outdoor brands producing their own versions it’s difficult to find ones that stand out from the competition. So how do these by Karrimor stack up? The Trail Runs feel durable enough, with enough cushioning

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Inov8 Evoskin Review

Unless you’ve been living in a cave on Knoydart subsiding on fulmar eggs and whatever flotsam finds its way across the sea, you will have heard about the recent interest barefoot running. You may be curious and wondering what it’s all about, or you may already be running in minimal shoes, advertised as barefoot, but

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More Mile London Running Socks

Socks are, as I always say when reviewing socks, something that I begrudge paying for. I might be happy enough shelling out hundreds of quid for the latest tech, but I’ll baulk at shelling out more than a few quid for socks. With my previous Karrimor socks were both wearing thin and disappearing, with only

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HiTec Zuuk Review

Every now and then, you come across one of those bits of kit you never knew you actually needed, let alone merely wanted. The Hi-Tec Zuuks are one such item. They’re superlightweight shoes that are just what you need to carry when you’re actually travelling as well as backpacking. That is, for something to wear

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Inov8 Roclite 390 Review

Out with the old and er, in with the old. Just like my trusty Meindl Burmas, which are now my third pair, the Inov8 Roclite 390GTX boot have also proven themselves worthy of like for like replacement. Spotting the newer version for £70 after the old pair nearly fell apart in Knoydart sealed the deal. Many

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Extremities Hiker Socks Review

I find it difficult to get enthusiastic about socks, let alone write the minimum 300 words that Google requires  in order for a post to appear on it’s hallowed pages. We were impressed with the Extremeties gloves recently, if a tad on the pricey side and the bottom line is that their socks are also in the

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Karrimor Merino Trekking Socks

A bit like a typical reality TV star; Cheap, Thick and loopy inside. Unlike the reality TV  ‘star’, they’re both functional and comfortable. At least they were on the first easy walk out, but suffering the hangover from hell I wouldn’t have noticed if they were made from wire wool. As they are meant to

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