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Cool Runner and Coolmax Light socks from True Mountain

By Tryfan Williams   

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Cool Runner and Coolmax Light socks from True Mountain

Sticking with their mantra of UK made products, the Cool Runner socks, along with all the socks in the True Mountain range are produced by a family run company in Nottinghamshire.

The Cool Runner socks from True Mountain

Made from 36% Tactel / 31% Coolmax Polyester / 31% Nylon / 2% Elastane the Cool Runner socks have been providing a very comfortable cushion while going out trail running in the Snowdonian Winter. Keeping the feet suitably cool, and not over warming achieved by the breathable arch vent feature.

Such is the ergonomic design claimed by True Mountain the Cool Runner socks need to be placed on the correct foot for optimal comfort, and so a nice little R and L symbol is located near the toe section.

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Women and Men are catered for, with a choice of anklet fit, and the following size options: Sizes; 6 to 7.5 – 8 to 9.5 – 10 to 11.5 – 12 to 13.5.

The only thing that lets the Cool Runner socks down for me is that the pair I have are predominantly white, with blue/red/grey trims. Seeing as they’re noted as suitable for trail and road I would have thought white would have been a no no. As I always seem to attract mud they wouldn’t stay white for long! In saying that though, if you have a good washing powder I suppose it’s a mute point! Plus you can go for the anklet version, which comes in grey with black/white trim, if it’s that much of an issue!

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The Coolmax Light socks from True Mountain

These were used for both trail running and walking this winter. While they didn’t get any serious mountaineering done, they were perfectly good for a couple of winter days in Snowdonia. They were comfortable enough on a few trail runs and coped admirably with a couple of yomping walks, where the feet were a bit damp but never any blisters or hot spots. Having used mainly Bridgedale lightweight socks as our day to day sock, these compared well to this more established brand and are a similar price. That’s quite an achievement considering these are manufactured in the UK!

Not much more can be said about socks to be fair, so that’s your lot!

Socks tend to be some of the least glamorous items in our outdoor kit selection and in our experience then the less there’s to say, the better. About all you can say about good socks is that you didn’t get blisters, they stay in one piece and they don’t cost so much that you expect them to be sewn together by pure gold. But a bad pair of socks you can write about for hours!

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