There are loads of budget trail running shoes out there, with all the heavyweights running brands, as well as the usual outdoor brands producing their own versions it’s difficult to find ones that stand out from the competition. So how do these by Karrimor stack up?


The Trail Runs feel durable enough, with enough cushioning to keep most people happy and not too much so that even a zero drop evangelist such as myself found them comfortable enough. The grip was sufficient, but hardly inspired confidence on wet and slippery rock, which most shoes and even walking boots tend to be poor at. Using them however on forest trails and similar, they performed well on this Trail Run To Llyn Llywelyn.

They’re not waterproof, but that’s really not something I’d expect at this price point, and you’ve got to wonder if that’s an advantage at any price point. Trail shoes are low and easily flooded with water, with the only practical use for waterproofing being for running in wet grass or for winter running.


Tryfan Williams will see how durable they turn out to be over the next few months as he conducts a long term review on Tryfan’s Blog.

They’re functional enough, but we found there wasn’t much to make them stand out from the competition and get excited about. They’re a good solid pair of workmanlike budget trail running shoes. We can’t get overly excited over these, they don’t provide anything over other budget offerings, or for that matter, less. E.g. the More Mile Cheviots at this price point provide an excellent grippy shoe for muddy conditions while these will do the job on forestry trails, grass and less demanding terrain.


If you’re looking for a cheap pair of trail running shoes for hard paths, as opposed to muddy fell, then these would be OK.

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