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Summer is upon us and hopefully warmer climes, and with that a lot of us will be looking to our flip- flops. But have you ever been outdoors on a slightly more active jaunt than the usual sunbathing and found the flip-flop slightly lacking? A Grand Canyon rafting guide added an ankle strap to his flip- flops and created the very first sports sandal!

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Teva have dedicated the last 30 years to perfect the sports sandal, and to honour the 30 year anniversary they have released a range of “originals”.

First impressions

Well it’s still May, and in Wales I wouldn’t consider it an ideal month to test outdoor sport sandals!

That being said I’ve been walking around the house with the Originals and have to note that I’ve instantly taken to them. Walking around the house and garden they feel very comfortable, easy adjustable front foot and ankle straps enable the perfect fit whatever your foot shape. The contoured EVA topsole and durable rubber outsole offer a comfortable and durable cushion for the feet, though I wouldn’t reckon they would cope with too rough a terrain.

These would be ideal for throwing in a pack on a coastal trip, being well suited to the beach as well as some of the good coastal paths that are easier on the feet than rougher, mountain terrain.

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They may not be fashion icons, but they have a cool look to them which most sandals don’t. They come in a medley of colours to suite all tastes and genders. I’ll hopefully be giving them a more thorough test drive in the next few weeks with a trip to Mallorca on the cards!

The full surf, sand and sea review will follow in a couple of weeks – we take kit overseas to get them reviewed if we have to! As an added bonus, we’l be reviewing the lighter Original Universal Sandals by Teva that are probably an even better option for comfortable down time footwear on backpacking and camping trips that barely take up any weight or space in the packs – we’re even thinking river crossings here!


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