A bit like a typical reality TV star; Cheap, Thick and loopy inside. Unlike the reality TV  ‘star’, they’re both functional and comfortable. At least they were on the first easy walk out, but suffering the hangover from hell I wouldn’t have noticed if they were made from wire wool.

As they are meant to be merino, they get the merino test so were re-worn for the second trip without a wash. Again, I barely noticed the socks, hanging as I was from an impromptu grade 3 high above ogwen (ok, probably a hard grade 1, but the rocks really were slippy). Even towards the end of the walk, with a final yomp on tarmac which can be torture, nothing.

They did pong a little though, but I challenge anything to find their way into my well worn boots with around 1,200km on the clock and not come out smelling slightly ripe or worse.

On yet another walk, they didn’t seem to want any attention. Up and down Shunner Fell in a decent time (the gpx file and route includes the time stopped in the Green Dragon for a swift half of Kaliber shandy) and nothing.

Finally, on a number of proper multi day trips, they’ve been fine.  For just over a fiver, you can hardly go wrong if you’re on a budget, or just plain mean. Having been in test now for a good few months, they’ve certainly held up well.

Exactly what you want and expect from a pair of socks really – unobtrusive functionality.

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