1000 mile walk sock Review

1000 Mile Walk Socks Review

Rik Henderson brings us his review of the 1000 Mile Walk Socks, single layer socks from the seasoned sock producers I remember working at a store in Shrewsbury called Soldier of Fortune as part of my school’s work experience at the age of 15. SoF was predominantly a military surplus store which happened to have …

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Extremities Hiker Socks Review

I find it difficult to get enthusiastic about socks, let alone write the minimum 300 words that Google requires  in order for a post to appear on it’s hallowed pages. We were impressed with the Extremeties gloves recently, if a tad on the pricey side and the bottom line is that their socks are also in the …

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Karrimor Merino Trekking Socks

A bit like a typical reality TV star; Cheap, Thick and loopy inside. Unlike the reality TV  ‘star’, they’re both functional and comfortable. At least they were on the first easy walk out, but suffering the hangover from hell I wouldn’t have noticed if they were made from wire wool. As they are meant to …

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Karrimor Liner Socks

Do you want a bargain? While we’ve found Karrimor gear to be pretty hit and miss, here’s another one of the hits. Look at the images and you can see how they compare to a pair of Bridgedale liner socks. It is rather too spooky for our liking, but looking at the seams on the …

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Karrimor Dri Socks

If you want a bargain running sock, then look no further. These are a fiver for two pairs (though the RRP is double) and are nothing more than a decent, well priced running sock. We won’t just recommend you go out and buy them, we recommend you stock up and buy a few and banish …

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