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Bridgedale Womens WoolFusion Trekker Socks

By Nia Jenkins   

on June 16, 2018    No ratings yet.

Bridgedale Womens WoolFusion Trekker Socks

Nia Jenkins gives us her Bridgedale Womens WoolFusion Trekker Socks Review . . .

Designed for all year round use by the regular or dedicated outdoor enthusiast. Unique Bridgedale construction ensures dry, warm and comfortable feet.

I’ve been reviewing the Bridgedale Womens WoolFusion Trekker Socks for a few months now and I’ve been very impressed with the quality of them. I spend a lot of my time in hiking boots so having a good pair of socks is a must for staying comfortable, especially on long days on the mountains. I’ve always been a fan of Bridgedale socks and I was excited to review their new range because I was aware that they had a few new features.

To start with they are very lightweight and just feel like a normal pair of socks rather than thick, heavy hiking socks. I love how breathable they are – the woolfusion has a unique construction and therefore they always feel light and dry at all times. They are made up of Enduro Wool – and this is what guarantees the softness, quality and durability.

The material also controls the thermal balance and moisture control properties, explaining why they are so breathable. There’s nothing worse than sweaty/wet feet on a long hike so I was especially impressed with the material and breathability of these socks. Hand on my heart – the best socks I’ve ever worn, breathability wise!

Bridgedale Womens WoolFusion Trekker Socks

The WoolFusion Trekker Socks are advertised as ‘all year round’ pair of socks and I definitely agree with that. Because of the difference in texture, density and cushioned like sections the socks keep the right part of your feet warm when they need to be but also allow maximum breathability when and where needed too. I’ve been wearing them during Winter and Spring and they worked effectively throughout both seasons for me.

Bridgedale Womens WoolFusion Trekker Socks

The socks are made up of different sections, ensuring the best comfort for each part of the feet. The highest part of the socks (around the ankles) are thin and slim but the material below the ankles and around the feet is much more cushioned and supportive. This feature makes the socks a lot more ‘bouncy’ to walk on and makes you feel as though you have lovely cushioned insoles inside your boots!

Another thing I like about these socks are that they’re shorter than the usual bridgedale style – this makes them a little more spring/summer friendly and look nicer if you’re wearing them with shorts.

Bridgedale Womens WoolFusion Trekker Socks

To finish, I know hiking socks can be a bit a bit pricey sometimes but I think that £12 for these is a bargain considering how diverses and comfortable they are. If you’re looking for a lighweight, breathable and comfy pair of trekking socks – go buy the Bridgedale Womens WoolFusion Trekker Socks, I can’t fault them!

Bridgedale Womens WoolFusion Trekker Socks features and specifications:

A DofE recommended product
Fabric: 44%
Enduro Wool
38% Nylon
17% Endurofil (polypropylene)
1% Lycra (elastane)

Quality – A
Functionality – A
Durability – A
Lightweight – A

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Nia Jenkins

Nia is a keen mountaineer and loves spending any spare time in the hills. She is a member of the Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue team since 2015 and there she has gained numerous qualifications and training. She summited Mt Kilimanjaro in 2014 and reached Everest Basecamp in 2015. She will be going on an expedition to Mt Blanc in 2017 and is hoping to reach Everest summit one day!

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