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Do you want a bargain? While we’ve found Karrimor gear to be pretty hit and miss, here’s another one of the hits. Look at the images and you can see how they compare to a pair of Bridgedale liner socks. It is rather too spooky for our liking, but looking at the seams on the inside of the sock (which might cause problems) they seem to manufactured in an almost identical fashion. If you look at the images of the sock heels on the bottom of this post, we cant’ even remember which is which.


The main difference is in price – the Bridgedales are £14.99 while the Karrimor socks have an inflated rrp of £9.99 but appear to be selling for half that in a Google search we did. So on the surface of it, the Karrimor socks are a bargain. You can get six pairs for the price of two Bridgedales.

Other on line  reviews were not overly impressed with these, but we think they’ve missed a point. They’re liner socks, not walking socks and as such they’re there for a bit of extra insulation (not much), to add another layer for blister prevention and apparently to wick sweat away. They provide absolutely no cushioning, but that’s not their point, your thicker outer sock should provide most of the insulation and any cushioning.  If you do any sort of backpacking then they have an even more useful function as bed socks. What I hear some of you cry, but it can help keep feet warm and more importantly prevent your grubby feet from greasing up your sleeping bag. Socks are easier to clean than sleeping bags for starters.

In use, they encase the foot as socks should and prevent the foot from going all the way through by virtue of a cleverly sewn up foot. Ok, we know, there’s not much to say about socks other than how they performed on the hill. On a pretty tough walk over the Carneddau where I’d intended to get some pics for the review, I forgot about them and the Karrimor Merino Trekking Socks that were also in test. For me, that’s about the best thing you can say about socks, wear ’em and forget ’em. So you’ll have to make do with the pics of the socks on my desk, I’m pretty certain you can use your imagination beyond that (I’ll get a few better pics soon, promise!)

If you think that liner socks are useful, then these are perfectly acceptable for the job. While they might not last as long as the more expensive Bridgedale equivalents, there’s no reason to think they’re going to fall apart after a few uses.

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