Real Coffee Makers for Camping

When you’re camping, wild or in a campsite; you can’t beat real coffee in the morning. Nothing surprises wild camping companions than the smell of a real cup of coffee wafting from your tent. You can choose to share, but it depends how generous they were with the single malt last night. Lets get this […]

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Iced Protein Coffee Recipe

Right off the bat let’s be honest, I’m no coffee buff, I’ve only recently taken to drinking it as a post-work / pre-workout drink. I can’t say I’m hooked on the taste, but with the recent warm weather I have taken a liking to the well know coffee houses offering their usual hot brew in

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Grower’s Cup Coffee Review

There’s nothing new under the sun they say, but here’s at least one! Perfect coffee in a pouch. We’ve been in search of the perfect camping coffee since, well, since forever, and while we get closer we never quite get there. We got excited about the camping espresso maker by GSI, but were woefully disappointed

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How to Make Camping Coffee

If like me, you’d rather boil up some ‘wild raisins’ from next to the tent than suffer a brown liquid that purports to be ‘coffee’ from some sort of stick, then this might be an option. Rather than taking up any extra paraphenalia, all you need to make some almost proper Camping Coffee is a

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5 things – Milky milky

How you take your milk  for your tea or coffee with you on a wild camp is always an issue, so here’s a few options.. Fresh milk. The best option, but only practical for an overnight camp and that’s pushing it in the heat of summer (did I really say heat of summer???) Powdered milk.

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