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How you take your milk  for your tea or coffee with you on a wild camp is always an issue, so here’s a few options..

  1. Fresh milk. The best option, but only practical for an overnight camp and that’s pushing it in the heat of summer (did I really say heat of summer???)
  2. Powdered milk. It’s not milk, it’s powdered, and you can tell that once it’s in your coffee…
  3. Coffee whitener – Avoid like the plague! The only use for this is for college students to sprinkle on the beds of unwitting victims (you know who you are!)
  4. Milk pods / sticks – I always feel the pods to be a bit dodgy when they contain ‘non milk fat’ and presume they’re a side product of white emulsion paint production…. You also need about 10 per cuppa…
  5. All in one coffee and milk. The crappuchinos are tolerable, but the flavoured variety such as Mocha and caramel much more palatable, but more akin to hot chocolate than coffee.. The plain ‘coffee’ all in ones though don’t come close and just don’t find their way into my wild camping supplies any more.
  6. Take a cow. You’ll get some strange looks round Ogwen way but you’ll fit in perfectly on the Llanberis path. You will need to take some time getting the technique right, and make sure you warm your hands first! Alternatively milk an ewe, taking great care you can differentiate between it and a ram…
  7. Strange lactose free milk pods. I prefer the odd taste of this lactose free milk to the artificial taste of the others. Plus the containers are pretty cool and you can draw numbers on the side and partake in an impromptu game of D&D on the side of Moel Siabod. But, it still tastes like someone’s crushed a chalk into your coffee….
  8. Go Black. The more I try the different options, the more convinced I’m becoming that the only way to enjoy coffee on the hill is to cross over to the dark side and take it as it comes.

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Dave Roberts

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  1. Jonathan Quirk

    Carnation condensed milk is available in a tube; quite palatable as long as you like your brew sweet!

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