The Spice Tailor Curry Kits

Dehydrated camping meals might be fine in their place, they’ll never be as good a properly cooked meal. This is normally easier said than done out on the mountain, and so we usually sacrifice this for convenience. We were understandably excited when we found one of these curry kits by the Spice Tailor in our […]

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Robinsons Squash’d Review

Water can get a bit boring on long trips, and while hydration tablets are useful for adding flavour to water on a long trip, they’re both expensive and the flavour isn’t as great as it could be. So when we saw Squash’d from Robinsons, we had to give them a go. Squash’d is a small container containing concentrated

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Gluten Free Backpacking Foods

Having recently found myself to be intolerant to gluten, rather than just intolerable, I had to change my eating habits. Obviously on a mountain you really don’t want to find out that a meal isn’t suitable for your diet, if you do get caught short in this unfortunate situation, then we can recommend sphagnum moss.

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DIY Alcohol Stoves

Stars:7/10 First this is just for fun folk get far to hetup about things now a days, sow on with the stoves first the penny stove at 6.5 grams is a Pressurized Jet Alcohol Stove These stoves also have little jets like the open jet stoves, but lack the open center fuel port. Instead, the

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Moveable Feasts Review

If you’re fed up eating the same old dried meals while you’re camping,  Moveable Feasts by Amy-Jane Beer and Roy Halpin contains everything you’d ever want to know about camp cookery and then a fair bit more. Split into two unequal sections, the first section starts off with a ten chapter detailed reference section which contains anything and everything

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Fuizion Freeze Dried Meals Review

We recently stumbled across Fuizion freeze driedfoods, a brand that was new to us. On browsing their site, it becomes apparent from the photographs that this stuff stands apart from other freeze dries foods if only by being ridiculously photogenic. We couldn’t believe that this product could possibly look as good as the website makes out! We all

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Light my Fire Spork Review

If you’re looking to kit out lightly and cheaply, then you can’t go far wrong with a Light my Fire spork. It’s a spoon one end and a fork, with a cutting edge, on the other. Ideal for those meals when a spoon alone isn’t enough. Not only is it highly functional in exactly the

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Easy Camp Pepper Mill Review

If you insist on taking those little sachets of salt and pepper from Little Chef along on your wild camp then you might want one of these Easy Camp Pepper Mills. Instead of insipid powdered pepper, you get flavoursome ground pepper that can add a bit of extra to any bland meal. It works as

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5 things – Milky milky

How you take your milk  for your tea or coffee with you on a wild camp is always an issue, so here’s a few options.. Fresh milk. The best option, but only practical for an overnight camp and that’s pushing it in the heat of summer (did I really say heat of summer???) Powdered milk.

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