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Super Protein Pancakes

Protein Pancakes So it’s Pancake day, aka Shrove Tuesday, aka Pancake Tuesday. A day where many will be feasting on the childhood favourite comfort food of, you guessed it, pancakes! Traditionally of course this is a chance to indulge in foods one would give up for the penitential period of Lent. A noble statement no …

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Super Hill Foods – Peperami

The advertising blurb says that the Peperami is a bit of an animal. Question is, what bits exactly? Well according to the label it’s 100% pork salami with 13.8g of pork to make each 10g of sausage. That packs in somewhere between 44 and 49% fat, or 11g for a typical 25g stick and a …

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MRE 24 Hour Ration Pack Review

On a recent wild camp, we decided to see if these 24 hour ration packs are any good or are you better off avoiding them altogether. We went for this one by Evaq8 that cost around £16 with postage. What’s in it? The ration pack arrived in a tidy brown box and contained a generous selection …

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Astronaut Ice Cream Review

This is as gimmicky a product as you can get we reckon, but good for a laugh on a wild camp at least so we took the punt and gave it a taste test on last weekend’s wild camp. Astronaut Ice cream is apparently real freeze dried ice cream that you simply eat as is …

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High5 EnergySource Drink Review

Sometimes, when we’re on a hard trip we might just need a bit more calories during the day. That’s the idea behind the High5 EnergySource Drinks. It’s available in Citrus, Orange, Summer Fruits and Tropical Samba as either 12x 50g sachets or a serious 2.2 KG bottle. While this 47g sachet provides an impressive 180cals …

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Trek Protein Bars Review

Stars:5/10 Looking for the healthy alternative to a chocoalte bar or crisp packer as a snack Tryf’s Blog taste tests the Trek Protein Bar