You know we love coffee at Mud and Routes, and here’s an absolutely genius idea to make an ultralight coffee filter holder for wild camping.

This idea is thanks to Tread Lite Gear who shared this on Twitter. Buy something from them on eBay or just give them a follow on Twitter in thanks! We’ll be testing it out in the wilds soon enough.

You will need

  • Stainless Steel Mesh – 1cm or 1/2 “holes.
  • Paper Coffee filters
  • Wire or bolt cutters or similar.

Using the filter you plan on using, measure the height of the filter and cut the wire square to fit.

Fold this into a v shape, place over your camping mug or pot and cut out a notch on either side so that the filter sits in your pot.


Another advantage is that you can easily carry out the grounds with the filter and then compost them once you get home.


Can’t be arsed? Tread Lite Gear are selling them on eBay for around £7, including postage!

All images used with permission from @Treadlitegear.

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