This is a decent budget synthetic bag from Gelert that makes an ideal entry level bag for summer wild camps or DofE. Filled with synthetic Pro Fibre™, it packs down into a pleasingly compact package, something you’d certainly not expect from a bag that’s both synthetic and cheap. Advertised at 1kg, we found it was considerably more at 1.25kg, but that’s still a decent weight in this price bracket. It comes with a decent compression bag that helps keep the bulk down even further.

It is claimed as being suitable for a temperature range of -1.8 to 3°C and an extreme rating of -18ºC. I’m naturally wary of these ranges from any manufacturer and more so from a budget brand. However, the bag kept me more than warm enough on a cool night (about 6°) and would be fine in much cooler conditions, though the extreme rating for any bag should generally be ignored.

If you’ve got a limited budget, then you can’t go far wrong with this bag and would be ideal for a DofE expedition. I’ll be using it for my daughter to do some summer wild camping, so it’s definitely up to the job.

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