camping gear review

UCO Micro Candle Lantern Review

When camping, candles give off a comforting glow and add atmosphere to a tent. Yet, we hadn’t used a candle while camping for years. We’d tried a few tea-lights, placed in a metal mug, but with little success. There’s also the fire risk from regular candles as well as the difficulty of getting them lit

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True Utility KeyTool Review

Before going lightweight on my camping trips, a penknife with the usual tools and attachments would be regarded as essential kit despite weighing a hefty 200g or more. These days, I’ve barely got more than a titanium spork to fight off those Welsh mountain bears. However there’s always a time when you find yourself needing

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Robinsons Squash’d Review

Water can get a bit boring on long trips, and while hydration tablets are useful for adding flavour to water on a long trip, they’re both expensive and the flavour isn’t as great as it could be. So when we saw Squash’d from Robinsons, we had to give them a go. Squash’d is a small container containing concentrated

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Grower’s Cup Coffee Review

There’s nothing new under the sun they say, but here’s at least one! Perfect coffee in a pouch. We’ve been in search of the perfect camping coffee since, well, since forever, and while we get closer we never quite get there. We got excited about the camping espresso maker by GSI, but were woefully disappointed

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