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MSR Alpine Utensils Review – Spoon, Spatula and Strainer

By Dave Roberts   

on November 11, 2011    5/5 (1)

MSR Alpine Utensils Review – Spoon, Spatula and Strainer

Who’d have thought that you’d need anything more than a spork when out camping? Well here’s something that you should find useful if you intend to do anything more than boil water.

The MSR Alpine Cookset comprises three items: a large spoon, a spatula and a strainer. If you want a fried egg (see this article for some action shots!) then you’ll probably need some sort of spatula, and this one is small enough to carry, yet just large enough to lift an egg from the pan. There’s a handy serrated edge on the spatula that can come in useful for whatever you want really.


The drainer has a dual function as a grater, though you wouldn’t want to use it to grate an awful lot of cheese, it’s more than adequate to grate a little to sprinkle onto your pasta for instance. The drawback is as with every grater, only more so on the hill, that of cleaning it after use!

The final item is the spoon, which would be the least useful item were it not for the graduations inside it that make it useful if you need to measure something in the field.


I can’t foresee all these items making every trip into the wilds, but on occasion I might want to make a proper cooked breakfast as a luxury so the spatula will come along. If you particularly need the function of one but not all three then you’ll be glad to hear they’re all available singly for what amounts to about 24p cheaper than all 3!  However, the strainer does not appear to double as a grater and the design is slightly different.

These would be at their most useful if you’re heading off on a long trip, especially if you’re going to be stocking up on the way as they’ll give you more flexibility when cooking with unknown ingredients than  a simple spork or spoon would.

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