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This little puzzle has always perplexed me on the hill. Easy enough to cook an egg sunny side up in a large pan with oil, but that entails carrying a larger frying pan than needed up a hill and the problem of waste oil at the end. This method means you can use a 12cm frying pan, just get the lightest you can, and just a smear of oil. I used the spray variety, which would be perfect if you can get your hands on a sufficiently tiny spray bottle to carry it in.

I know this post is probably useless and unseasonal, but it’s too good not to share. It also gives you a few months in order to practice. If you do get out into the hills for a winter wild camp, then this has got to be worth a go.

You will need:

  • One egg
  • One heat source/
  • 12cm  frying pan
  • Spatula (e.g. MSR)
  • Drop of oil
  • And the key to this – a lid…. I used the MSR Titan Kettle Lid, but you could always fashion one out of foil.

1 – Heat up the oil.

2 – Carefully crack the egg into the pan.

3 – Lower heat if you have to and put the lid on the frypan. The MSR Kettle lid fits perfectly. The lid is the key to this as it keeps the heat in and cooks the egg all over.

4 – Check occasionally – to ensure you don’t overcook the yolk.

5- In minutes, you’ll find the egg cooked to perfection.

6 – You’ll need some sort of spatula, but using minimal oil you may get away with just tipping the egg out.

7 – Mmmmm

For a suitable mini frying pan, follow this link.

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  1. Andy Muspratt 8 years ago

    Nice looking kitchen pan but looks heavy and awkward for the hill !!!
    Lots of lightweight rucksack freindly non stick cookware out there !!!

    Cheers Whistle

    • Author
      Dave Roberts 8 years ago

      Not actually that bad – but I’ve not weighed it yet! I think it may look larger than it is on the images above, but the handle isn’t removable, which might be a future kludge to get it to work with a pot grab?
      I’ll get it weighed and reviewed soon as well. It definitely counts as your one luxury item on a wild camp.
      BTW – I can’t fry a thing unless it’s non stick, and even then not that well unless it’s a heavyish pan. My titanium cookware is still tarnished from the last time I tried to cook bacon.

      EDIT – 150g and the pan grab works beautifully…

  2. Mark Parry 8 years ago

    Looks good mate, I like the egg, shame it’s not a duck egg.

  3. Mark Parry 8 years ago

    Dave, you cant cook anything other than curry….

    That might explain it:)

  4. Author
    Dave Roberts 8 years ago

    And Lasagnae….. mmm…..

  5. markparry 8 years ago

    This is me commenting but logged in Dave.

    • Author
      Dave Roberts 8 years ago

      Thanks – it appears that the lack of avatar on the previous ones are OK then … Phew!

  6. Author
    Dave Roberts 5 years ago


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