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Source Liquitainer 2 litre Review

By Dave Roberts   

on February 5, 2012    5/5 (1)

Source Liquitainer 2 litre Review

While Google has become synonymous with web search and Facebook with erosion of privacy, so have Platypus become a generic name it seems for all collapsible water bottles.

I used platys for years and still have more than a few in regular use, but when my main 2l platy gave up the ghost after five years heavy use I ended up ordering some platys from Source instead.

The most obvious difference is that the Source Liquitainer comes in a fetching blue, but beyond that they seem to be just as good as regular Platypus offerings. Both light and strong, these are essential bits of kit for wild camping or at any other time you need to carry a few litres of water with you.The cap is slightly offset to one side, which seems strange to start with but helps when filling the bottle from a running stream as you can fill it right to the top if you keep the cap on the upper side as the water pushes all the air out.

These came with sports caps, and in an emergency we found that the cap from a regular sports drink would also fit. Probably not recommended in the long term, but perfectly acceptable when you’ve lost the cap somewhere during a trip.

I’ve filled these with water and sports drinks and they haven’t tainted, though you need to clean them out thoroughly after using them with some of the stronger tasting energy drinks. All you need to do with them to keep them in perfect nick is to rinse them and store them in the freezer – this prevents any mould from growing, but I’m not sure if it limits their long term durability. Though a healthy growth of mould would also render them useless. So far, after over a year they don’t appear affected by the freezing and still look like new despite being frozen, scraped against rough river beds and thrown onto rocks that double as camp kitchens.

If you’re looking for a collapsible water bottle, while Platypus bottles are probably better known, these are certainly just as good (if not better) and we really can’t find a fault after relying on them for a few years wild camping. Recommended!

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