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We’ve recently updated our Sister Snowdon website – Walk up Snowdon with a few more articles.

Why it’s Yr Wyddfa or Just Snowdon, NEVER M***T Snowdon! We finally put the record straight. We’ve kept quiet about this monstrosity of a name for our beloved mountain, but no more. Use the correct moniker around us or prepare to bear our wrath! Show your support with the #justsnowdon hashtag!

Yr Wyddfa and Snowdon - Set in Stone?

Yr Wyddfa and Snowdon – Set in Stone?

We’ve added all the Walks up Snowdon now – we had a few gaps – sorry! For the No1 website for Walks up Snowdon (according to Google – the only real authority for those of us running websites) this wasn’t acceptable.

So here are the highlights:

All these routes can be found on the Mud and Routes search facility as well.

Best Pubs Around Snowdon – Seeing as we end up in one after all our walks, we thought we’d better tell you where our favourite pubs are. We’ve not included Beddgelert at this point, though we think we ought to have a mini-crawl around there again in order to bring you a mini-review of the pubs, as well as a similar exercise in Capel-curig.

If there’s anything else you’ll like to see – message below, or chat with us on Twitter. We’re keen on our Social Media following – and we love an engaged audience! We’d rather have followers we can chat with and engage than 1000’s of paid for followers that serve no real purpose other than making up the numbers.

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