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Wild Camping Skills – Outdoor Food Skills and Tips

By Dave Roberts   

on March 22, 2017    No ratings yet.

Wild Camping Skills – Outdoor Food Skills and Tips

To mark the start of our new Wild Camping Skills series which is coming soon,  here’s a selection of some foodie Skills and Tips articles from the archives. 

1 – Camping Coffee

While you could always buy some of the excellent Grower’s Cup filter coffees, they might work out a bit expensive. Alternatively, you can make perfectly passable coffee with nothing but a pot. And some coffee. It may not be the best quality, but it’s incomparable to instant and probably better than you’ll get in a high street chain.

2- Make a freezer bag cooker.

There’s a whole load of sites and backpackers who are obsessed with freezer bag cooking. If you’ve never heard of this before, what it essentially means is creating your own dried meals from supermarket bought food, or by dehydrating at home, and rehydrating it in a ‘freezer bag’. This is an insulated pouch that we made a few years ago, and was mainly used for making noodles. Simply boil the water and add this and the noodles to the freezer bag and place into the pouch. This cooks while you warm up your main meal. Effective Simplicity!

3 – Wild Camping BBQ.

This was a recent review, but you get the idea. Even if you’re camping, you can still do so in luxury that car campers struggle to achieve.

4 – Fry a perfect Camping egg.

This is simplicity itself. Want to know the secret? Click above.

5 – Making Scroggin

Scroggin, or Trail Mix, is an excellent hill food that you can make to fit your personal tastes. Here’s our recipe.

6 – How to make chicken soup for the hill!

Not quite on the hill, but something you can do in preparation for it! All you’ll need is some crusty rolls and a mug large enough for dipping and you’re sorted.

7 – Cooking with dehydrated Chicken

Dehydrated meals are OK, with some positively awesome, but if you like the idea of making your own then the Mountain House dehydrated chicken might be the answer. We made a couple of really easy meals, but it all depends on your imagination. We’ve used this to bulk out other meals on long trips as well.

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