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I’m fed up of dried meals in a pouch! I want to take some real food with me next time, but I don”t want to take loads of pans with me. The solution? A rice cooker – or basically a cosy for ziploc bags. It” light too, at 30g. Plus i reckon it”s far too big and might pare it down to 20g.

There is an American site – Freezer Bag Cooking. Essentially where i got the idea from, but adapted it to my own ends. It is a good site, but all the ingredients are American and cannot be sourced in the UK, so is great for ideas but not ideal if you want exact recipies.

Below i”ve posted a few pics of the cosy, which i made out of laminate floor underlay, silver side in. It insulates well enough so you can hold it as a bowl. Once i”ve got the dimentions sorted, i”ll post a sort of template on here to give people an idea how to do it – but i reckon it”s so simple you wont need one.

I cut the underlay into a pouch that was large enough to take a Tesco Medium Ziploc bag, but small enough so the bag could be wrapped around the edge to stop it falling in. The sides were taped and the bottom corners folded in to make a stable base. It seems wobbly, but stays put once full of water. You can seal the bag with a peg to keep steam in. It cooked ”ramen” noodles in 7 mins and rice in about 20 – but only just! I reckon you need to know your rice as some will cook quicker than others.

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