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All you wanted to know about Scroggin but was afraid to ask

By Dave Roberts   

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All you wanted to know about Scroggin but was afraid to ask

What does GORP or SCROGGIN Mean? Gorp has many stories about where it got it’s name, but most commonly stated to be an acronym variously of Granola, Oats, Raisins ans Peanuts; Good Old Raisins and Peanuts. To ‘gorp’ is also an obscure term for eating greedily, so take your pick. Scroggin is similarly – sultanas, chocolate, raisins, orange peel, grains, glucose, imagination, nuts; and variations on that theme. You hardly need a recipe, as the name serves as a mnemonic for the ingredients.

What’s so good about this then? Well the calorie count from 100g of this stuff can be well over 500g and pretty good for you as well, with a mix of fast sugar hits along with slower release carbs. That makes it an ultralight food for long trips where the weight of food really becomes an issue.

Some can live on this all day. While I’ve not been a fan in the past I’m rapidly becoming converted to the advantage of some sort of trail mix instead of chocolate and sugary stuff.

The Mud and Routes WHAMM Trail Mix Recipe
This is my hill fuel. I can’t stand dried fruit of any sort, and I’ve tried most of them. Neither am I a big fan of peanuts, so here’s our nice – nice trail mix – omit the nuts for a real treat. Certainly not a GORP as it doesn’t have a single ingredient from that.  Average calorie count is 607 per 100g.

  • Hazelnuts (675 calories per 100g)
  • Almonds (650 calories per 100g)
  • Walnuts (696 calories per 100g)
  • M&Ms – chocolate and crunchy varieties (492 calories per 100g)


I bought small bags of each of the nuts – around 200g each, and the large bags of M&Ms which are 185g and 155g for the regular and crispy varieties.

Throw the lot into one pot and give them a good mix.

Eat by the handful, ideally on the hill if you can wait that long.

This mix is high in calories, with the mix above providing 5,700 calories in only 940g of mix. You could comfortably survive three days on that! That also makes this a very dangerous snack to have lying around the house as you could easily munch a small meal’s worth without noticing. You may want to add a few more M&Ms to the mix as they seem to get eaten first and you end up with the final quarter being chiefly nuts. Beware overdosing on nuts if you’re not used to them, especially on a long trip as they do have an ‘effect’ on the digestive system.

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