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wild camping skills and tips

Wild Camping is our ultimate goal in the outdoors. It means not going home, staying out on the hill all night and seeing the sunrise in the morning. In this section you’ll find out all about wild camping, what it is, the legality of wild camping, where to wild camp as well as a comprehensive how to for beginners and advanced alike.

We cover the basics on how to choose a tent for wild camping, choosing a sleeping bag for wild camping and all about cooking and stoves for wild camping. We’re in the process of wrapping these articles into an easier format, but it’s all there!

Of course, you need to know where to wild camp, so our wild camping map sorts that out as well as our Snowdonia wild camping trip reports. You can even submit your own wild camping location, so we’ll build up a comprehensive database of decent spots.

We do mean wild wild camping – not camping in lay-bys and similar with a camper van.  It’s confusing that the same term is used for two totally different activities, but we’re all about getting as far away from tarmac and roads as we possibly can!

Pits and Bits Body Wash Review

Nilaqua the makers of Pits and Bits were kind enough to send us over a 65ml squeezy bottle of Towel off Body Wash – Antibacterial and Unfragranced, and a 9 pack of Expandable Wipes. Though as always, the following review is our own independent assessment of the product following a thorough gear test period in …

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How to Choose a Sleeping Bag

Choosing a sleeping bag can be a pain! Here are the main things to consider when buying a new sleeping bag for wild camping. Shape – You’ll probably go for the mummy shaped bag for wild camping. You’ll struggle to find any other shape for a serious bag, with a few exceptions (quilts and half bags, and …

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True Utility KeyTool Review

Before going lightweight on my camping trips, a penknife with the usual tools and attachments would be regarded as essential kit despite weighing a hefty 200g or more. These days, I’ve barely got more than a titanium spork to fight off those Welsh mountain bears. However there’s always a time when you find yourself needing …

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How to S*** In The Wilds

The squeamish should click away now… So here’s a picture of a cow to save your delicate little eyes from the truth about what we all do on a roughly daily basis. Still here? Good. I think this is something all of us wild campers have in common. We’ll try and keep this as clean …

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Leaving No Trace

While we all know not to leave our litter on the hill (hopefully!) what else do we need to be aware of? Here are a few points to consider if you want to leave no trace when you’re in the wilds. It’s by no means comprehensive and we recommend the links at the end of …

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Robinsons Squash’d Review

Water can get a bit boring on long trips, and while hydration tablets are useful for adding flavour to water on a long trip, they’re both expensive and the flavour isn’t as great as it could be. So when we saw Squash’d from Robinsons, we had to give them a go. Squash’d is a small container containing concentrated …

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Muc Off Dry Shower Review

If you’ve read our article here –Keeping Clean Without a Shower – then here’s a review of the Muc Off Dry Shower. Muc Off may well be known to you those of you who get your bikes muddy on trails as one of the best bike cleaning kit around. Now, they’ve also got something that’ll …

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MRE 24 Hour Ration Pack Review

On a recent wild camp, we decided to see if these 24 hour ration packs are any good or are you better off avoiding them altogether. We went for this one by Evaq8 that cost around £16 with postage. What’s in it? The ration pack arrived in a tidy brown box and contained a generous selection …

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Astronaut Ice Cream Review

This is as gimmicky a product as you can get we reckon, but good for a laugh on a wild camp at least so we took the punt and gave it a taste test on last weekend’s wild camp. Astronaut Ice cream is apparently real freeze dried ice cream that you simply eat as is …

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