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Trek’n Eat – Dehydrated Chocolate Mousse and Vanilla Rice Pudding Review

By Dave Roberts   

on July 17, 2014    No ratings yet.

Trek’n Eat – Dehydrated Chocolate Mousse and Vanilla Rice Pudding Review

I’ve usually got a sweet tooth on a wild camp, and while instant custard with a lump of chocolate might be OK, you might want more variety on a longer trip. These dehydrated puddings by Trek’n Eat provide a choice of four puddings; Caramel-Amaretto, Blueberry Fruit Soup which sounded too healthy for us and the two varieties we plumped for – Chocolate Mousse and Vanilla Rice Pudding. DSC_0503 They come in a small pack, but pack around 450 or so calories each, an ideal supplement to a dehydrated meal on a backpacking trip, but can work out a bit expensive buying two dehydrated pouches per meal. They mix easily enough – the mousse with cold water and the rice pudding with boiling water, but need a bit of stirring to ensure proper mixing. The mousse suggests that it needs a proper beating, but a minute of vigorous stirring did the job. They’re designed to eat directly from the pouch, so no washing up involved there. DSC_0504 Our Verdict? The Chocolate Mousse is, without a doubt, tasty and moreish on a mountain. It tastes of chocolate, unlike something like an Angel Delight that tastes somewhat like chocolate, and a poor imitation of chocolate at that. There was nothing left at the end, I even ripped open the pouch to scrape the remains out of it. The texture was rather oily, but only if I thought about it. So I stopped thinking about the texture, finished it off and enjoyed it. You might want to cut the pouch down as well as I found I had the mousse all over my fingers while eating. DSC_0506 The Vanilla Rice Pudding was scoffed on the following wet evening, having already been tent bound after camping mid-afternoon following a seriously early start. I didn’t photograph it, I was too hungry – but boy was it a creamy rice pudding. This would go down so well on a winter wild camp, or any time you need a warmer. I’ve tried making rice pudding while camping, from flaked rice, but it wasn’t close to how creamythis was. The liquid portion of the pudding was also quite thick and almost mousse like, rather than watery. I’d not expected the rice pudding to be so tasty, but having tried a Chocolate Mousse Travellunch meal a few years ago I had known the Mousse would be a welcome treat. If you can afford it, these are an essential way to take a pudding on a backpack without adding too much weight to your pack, and bulk your calorie intake up nicely and would be welcome on any wild camp! If only we could find them without shelling out £3.50 postage each time.

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