If you’ve read our article here –Keeping Clean Without a Shower – then here’s a review of the Muc Off Dry Shower.

Muc Off may well be known to you those of you who get your bikes muddy on trails as one of the best bike cleaning kit around. Now, they’ve also got something that’ll get the rider, runner or generally skanky individual a way to get clean in the field after a workout. It arrives in a diminutive little bottle, and is available in a much larger bottle for work or the post bike / run freshening up, which is ideal for taking with you on a wild camp.


The MucOff squirts out as a foam that you then simply use to ‘wash’ with. It seems to dry off quickly and I found that I felt clean enough after to pop a clean shirt on and pop down the pub after a run without feeling I had to sit on the hard seats or even outside as I usually do when waiting for a lift after a trail run.


It isn’t strongly scented, smelling faintly of coconut but not so much that you smell like an 80s ex-pat in Benidorm. The odour control is achieved by killing the bacteria that cause smells, rather than just masking it. I did find that it left my fingers rather sticky, but that was the only unpleasant thing.

We didn’t get to try this out on a long enough trip, but combined with a bit of strip washing and a few wipes this would be more than sufficient and better than just a half arsed attempt at washing next to a river on a long trip. It’s also useful for freshening up if you’re an active commuter, but perhaps not something you’d want to depend upon for daily workplace hygeine.

As a final bonus, this is available in normal stores as well as outdoor shops, so getting hold of it should be rather easy.

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