We all suffer a sport/activity injury every once in a while, be it a bump, bruise or sprain, and when it happens we often resort to compression as a solution. And why not? It offers reduced pain, reduced swelling and reduced recovery time. Add to this a period of cold therapy; say the application of

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Muc Off Dry Shower Review

If you’ve read our article here –Keeping Clean Without a Shower – then here’s a review of the Muc Off Dry Shower. Muc Off may well be known to you those of you who get your bikes muddy on trails as one of the best bike cleaning kit around. Now, they’ve also got something that’ll

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Banish Runner’s Nipple Chafage

Not something you want to be reading over the weekend sports supplement, but neither is it something you want sprung on you on your long Sunday Run. Bleeding nipples, while it sounds like a trendy cocktail (probably with grenadine somewhere in the recipe) is a real problem once you start running beyond a certain distance.

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Gore X-Run Ultra Shorts Review

If you’re running any sort of long distance, the last thing you need is for your kit to get in the way or cause discomfort. These 2-in-1 X-Run Ultra shorts from Gore are designed for ultra-running, so they should be ideally suited to the shorter runs of around 25km I was planning on over the summer. These Gore

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Nathan Lock Laces Review

I’m always finding that the laces on my Merrel Sonic Gloves don’t stay tied, especially in the wet, and was getting rather fed up of having to stop and get them sorted two or three times on a run. It’s not that I can’t tie my laces properly either! It never happens on hill walks

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Caplight Review

If you’re someone who likes to run with a cap, then running in the dark requires that you choose between your cap or a head torch (do people really run with a torch in hand?) When these appeared on Amazon advertised as being for runners as well as just about any other activity going , we

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Inov8 Evoskin Review

Unless you’ve been living in a cave on Knoydart subsiding on fulmar eggs and whatever flotsam finds its way across the sea, you will have heard about the recent interest barefoot running. You may be curious and wondering what it’s all about, or you may already be running in minimal shoes, advertised as barefoot, but

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