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As most running shorts lack pockets, and being in possession of the huge Xperia phone, I needed something to carry all this in without being a fully blown waistpack (I’ve already got two of those!) Even if some shorts have pockets, thhey may not be secure, and a zipped pouch provides piece of mind if you’re depending on the contents to pay for your trip home or to ring up a lift. Or, money for a refreshing pint! Afterall, if I’ve just burnt off 1000 calories on a tough run with loads of uphill, I think I can treat myself to a pint or two.

titan pack

The Titan Runner’s Waist Pack is a sturdy pouch that’ll swallow an Xperia, or similarly large phone along with a wallet, windproof and a couple of gels. That’s just right this time of year if you’re going out on longish run. There’s a mesh pocket on the rear for loose change or a key, which you certainly don’t want in the same compartment as the phone. A final touch is the ‘hole’ for your headphones, with an ‘aperture’ to prevent too much water ingress.

The pouch is manufactured from neoprene, and the belt out of what I can only call industrial grade webbing. This is rather harsh, and a softer material would certainly have been more comfortable through thin running tops.

The main downside is, of course, that you’re now running with a bum bag. Waist packs might be OK, but you’ll see any street cred you had vanishing into the distance with this. On the plus side, I can now carry some money and a phone, opening up new running route options to me, and any street cred I had already vanished years ago.

What the Manufacturer says:

  • Classic two pocket design
  • Neoprene for total comfort
  • Reflective detail for night-time safety
  • Fully adjustable belt

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