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By Tryfan Williams   

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We all suffer a sport/activity injury every once in a while, be it a bump, bruise or sprain, and when it happens we often resort to compression as a solution. And why not? It offers reduced pain, reduced swelling and reduced recovery time. Add to this a period of cold therapy; say the application of an ice pack, or in my case a bag of frozen peas, and you have a decent injury recovery response mechanism.

Dr. Cool wraps brings both recovery options into one flexible piece of portable kit. So the frozen peas can have a break from their second job in injury recovery, and return to being one of your 5 a day!

What they say

With Dr. Cool you don’t need to slow down to get better. The Dr. Cool wrap is like a bag of ice woven into a bandage–minus the mess and the traditional crusty beige bandage material.

They come in three size variations. Small (3″ x 25″), Medium (4″ x 50″), Large (6″ x 50″). All with a choice of seven colours: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow. Tryfan’s Blog received the Medium (4″ x 50″) wrap in blue to gear-test.


  • Chemical free “Coolcare” cooling material keeps the wrap cold
  • Made with an anchor hole to help with easy wrap on ankle and wrist (Not on the Large Wrap)
  • Velcro® on end of wrap to keep it secure
  • Machine washable

The tech in question here is Coolcore, a New England-based material innovation company. They’ve made a chemical-free cooling material that keeps the fabric colder, longer when it is used for cold or cooling compression therapy.

For cold compression simply place under cold water, fold and place in freezer. Then take out and apply as normal compression, remember to keep tight as it might slip off when thawing. I found I had to re-apply once or twice while the wrap thawed.

Keep an aye out on the freezing time, Dr. Cool state only 20 mins is required for the freezing process. But I liked prepping my wrap before a gym session so it would be ready for me after I got home, so it would sit in there for a good hour and a half before use. Dr. Cool recommend you place it in a freezer bag if in there for a prolonged period, though such periods would make them less pliable than usual in my experience. I wouldn’t recommend regular prolonged periods in the freezer, just in case, as I’m not sure if this is good for the longevity of the tech.

Application Method

I won’t go into detail on the method, as the cool wrap is instinctive to use, simply wrap around the area in question and finish off with the Velcro end, easy! I focused my therapy on the knee, but there are a number of key areas you can target depending on the size of the wrap, such as wrist, ankle and head with the small to thigh, shoulder and back with the large. Dr. Cool even provide expert video tutorials on the application for each body part in question, lead by a certified Chyropractic Sport Physician. Here’s the knee video, and you can find more on the site www.drcoolrecovery.com

Recovery On-the-Go

I’ve mainly been using my wrap on the knee following heavy squat sessions in the gym, as a post workout recovery option accompanied with my protein shake. But Dr. Cool promote this wrap as an on-the-go option, you can even purchase a coolwrap cool bag, so you can transport an already frozen wrap with you on the road in your kit bag. Though I’ve been placing mine in my packed lunch coolbox when going out on the trail, it keeps the coolwrap in its icy state (for a while at least) and my lunch at a constant cool temp!

Wrap Up

The only quibble on my end is that it seems to loosen while thawing in cold compression state, which asks for re-application. Not ideal when using on-the-go and mid activity! Otherwise the cool wrap combines compression and cold compression in a seamlessly cool aesthetic piece of kit. Handy enough for home injury treatment, but even more so as a portable solution.

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