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SIS REGO Rapid Recovery Recovery Drink

By Dave Roberts   

on April 6, 2014    No ratings yet.

SIS REGO Rapid Recovery Recovery Drink

SIS REGO is a recovery drink for use after intensive exercise such as a particularly tough run, or if you’re doing a particularly challenging walk over a number of days.


What it’s good for? We’ve used it on heavy training days, perhaps when doing both a hill walk and a run, or just after a particularly strenuous long run in order to refuel. Considering that it’s available in single serve sachets and mixes with milk, this would be a suitable addition to a backpacking larder as something you can take in the moment you stop and prepare to camp. I’ve used this and similar products on long walks, and it’s usually the first thing I do on finding the spot for the night. I’ve also used this as an occasional hangover drink – it doesn’t cure it but I find it helps!

What does it tastes like? We had the strawberry on long term review and the taste is OK considering you mix it with water, if a bit like the medicine you used to get as a kid. If you make it up with milk then it’s much more like a regular milkshake, if a bit powdery in comparison. It then packs a whopping 440 calories per 500ml serving with semi-skimmed milk, rather than the 190 calories or so with water. Of course, there are other flavours available if you don’t like strawberry.


Using the proper SIS bottle, you can just tip the required amount in and then like all supplements, you shake like crazy. It mixes quickly enough, but it does leave a residue on the bottle that can be a real pain to wash off. Without the bottle, it’s going to be a pain to mix, so this is about essential even if you use a similar bottle from another brand.

It’s then very easy to drink, especially if I’ve just had one of those runs where I don’t feel like eating afterwards. This means I can get something into my body as soon as I finish the run, when it’s of most benefit, rather than an hour or more later once everything’s settled down and I’ve got around to cooking a meal.

Of course, you’ll need to be training quite hard if you’re going to get any benefit from this, the danger being that you don’t really need the extra calories. The other option is to drink a pint of chocolate milk which is cheaper. If you do acquire a habit, then it’s even available in 1.6kg bottles – 32 servings for about £31.80, but shop around and you can find it for a few quid cheaper (SIS REGO 1600g)

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