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Astronaut Ice Cream Review

By Dave Roberts   

on May 8, 2014    No ratings yet.

Astronaut Ice Cream Review

This is as gimmicky a product as you can get we reckon, but good for a laugh on a wild camp at least so we took the punt and gave it a taste test on last weekend’s wild camp.


Astronaut Ice cream is apparently real freeze dried ice cream that you simply eat as is and according to the advertising blurb is currently used by NASA. It’s exceptionally light, but more durable than expected as it survived some rather rough handling in the pack before opening. It’s foil wrapped and then in paper, after which you eventually get to the ‘ice cream’ within.


Admittedly, it looked like a cross between chalk and polystyrene, and we’ll let you judge that one for yourself from the image below.



It hardly looks like ice cream, but does it taste like it? The nearest we could get to describing it was a similar flavour to hot chocolate. Not as strong as chocolate ice cream, and slightly bland but not unpleasant. Despite some misconceptions, it doesn’t feel cold when it rehydrates in your mouth. It just melts, or rehydrates, in the mouth and does stick to the teeth slightly. Eating it was somewhat like chewing a very soft but crunchy indigestion tablet, but not in a bad way! A bit like a hard chocolate flavoured meringue. Quite difficult to describe, but it did remind a bit of an old chocolate bar that I couldn’t’ recall while on the hill (a generous helping of rum didn’t help). A quick Google later and they were Anytime Giant Puff Candy Bars, which were dirt cheap and about the size of a small dog.

aran_wildcamp-8It was certainly a novelty, but a bit over priced at a fiver in the UK (and it’s apparently a lot cheaper in the States). I don’t think I’d buy it as a regular addition to the wild camping larder but it’s definitely something to consider taking purely for the novelty value. It’s great for kids and we found it was just great fun munching this on a wild camp.


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Dave Roberts

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